curly girl christmas gift ideas

Let’s see if we can find the perfect Curly Girl Christmas gift!

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Maybe you’re browsing for yourself  (it could be a treat that we wouldn’t usually buy for ourselves) or perhaps looking for a gift for a curly girl who appears to have everything. 

I’m going to guide you through some ideas for the more special, personal or unusual curly girl Christmas gifts.

The product lines we lust over


A range specifically designed for the needs of curly hair. A ‘clean’ product line which doesn’t contain sulphates or silicones and is made from natural ingredients wherever possible

Key products to look out for-


A range of natural haircare products which contain healthy oils, vitamins and antioxidants

Key products to look out for –


Curly hair products for every curl type. Their iconic Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel is a major player in the frizz-fighting stakes!

Key products to look out for –


‘Food for Curls’. An award-winning brand inspired by homemade remedies. They source rare ingredients to formulate premium, natural formulas

Key products to look out for –


The truly iconic bond-rebuilding treatment for damaged hair

Key products to look out for –

  • Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector 100ml – the original pre-shampoo treatment which rebuilds bonds broken due to heat or chemical damage such as colouring. Curly Girl Method approved


Natural, eco-friendly products designed with plant essences

Key products to look out for –

Umberto Giannini

Award-winning, affordable curl products. 100% vegan and cruelty free

Key products to look out for –

christmas gift guide curly hair

Finally time for some silk?

This could be the perfect time to invest in some silk pillowcases as a curly girl Christmas gift.

Silk is gentle on your hair and will help to protect curls overnight. It will reduce tangles and frizz and won’t absorb moisture from your hair like a cotton pillowcase can.

With a huge price range from £20 to £200, Christmas might just be the right time to level-up your night-time regime.

Silk pillowcases with a momme (density unit) of 19 or more will do the trick. Mulberry silk is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Winning all round!


Luxury silk scrunchie

Sure, every curly girl has a couple of scrunchies lying around.. Maybe even a satin or silk one already but personally, I would always love to receive a beautiful new one. A silk scrunchie will help protect curls overnight or whenever they go up! 

LILYSILK Silk Hair Scrunchies for Frizz & Breakage Prevention, 100% Mulberry Silk


A beautiful headband can be really useful when we are heading towards the next washday. They will jazz up any look and also hide any bits that aren’t behaving 😉

CELESTIAL SILK Headband 100% Mulberry Silk Elastic Headband for Women

The hairdryer or diffuser that you’ve been wanting for ages

The Dyson hairdryer. It is pricey but what a curly girl Christmas gift.. It lives up to the hype. It comes with a diffuser attachment and it is amazing!

There is less damage to your hair as there is no extreme heat..and still dries your hair quickly!

There are also attachments for every hair type. There are the standard concentrated nozzles, diffuser (obvs 😉) , a gentle air attachment for fine hair types, and a wide tooth comb attachment for afro and textured hair.

How about that diffuser attachment that we’ve read so much about on Instagram?

This one..

The Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser – it’s large and deep – you can get most of your hair into this at once! Think of the drying time..or lack of!

Just look at those! Wouldn’t they make a dream collection..😉

Merry Christmas, Curly Girls!

Lauren xx

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