Do we need Hyaluronic Acid in hair products?

We’re used to seeing hyaluronic acid in skincare (and we’ve all learnt how to say it properly) but does it also have benefits for our hair?

Does the haircare/skincare crossover mean that it will have the same effect?

hyaluronic acid for hair care

First of all, what exactly is Hyaluronic Acid?

It’s an anionic nonsulfated glycosaminoglycan. Ok, it’s a clear substance that is produced naturally in our bodies. 

What does Hyaluronic Acid do? 

In short, it moisturises. It binds to water and then retains it. (It’s a humectant.)

Most hyaluronic acid in our bodies can be found in our skin, connective tissues and eyes. Its moisture-retaining properties mean it is excellent at keeping our skin supple and our joints lubricated. 

So Will It Work Wonders For Our Hair?

Applying hyaluronic acid to your hair can give it a moisture boost; a welcome benefit for curly hair which tends to be dry by nature.

Hyaluronic Acid increases your hair’s ability to hang on to moisture.

This can be particularly useful if you have high porosity hair. Hair that is highly porous loses moisture easily so this can be a great way to hold on to it. 

It may even help with a dry scalp. 

How Should We Use It?

To harness these benefits, hyaluronic acid needs to be left on the hair.

This means that its presence in shampoos and rinse-pout conditioners is unlikely to make a difference.

Look for hyaluronic acid in leave-in conditioners and serums. It is best applied to clean, wet hair. Work it into your strands and massage it into your scalp. 

hyaluronic acid for curly hair

Hair Products Containing Hyaluronic Acid

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The INKEY List Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Hair Treatment to Reduce Frizz and Brittleness to Improve Shine 100ml

INKEY creates simple, affordable products that focus on active ingredients without the fuss. A lightweight serum that can be used on wet or dry hair. It helps to smooth and hydrate to reduce frizz and brittleness.

Coco & Eve Miracle Hair Elixir

A hair oil to revitalize tired and dry hair. It it quickly absorbed, boosts hydration, provides UV protection and heat protection up to 220C.

The skincare/haircare debate continues!

Let me know how you get on with these products.

Speak soon.

Lauren xx

Please note that none of the above is a substitute for medical advice and you should always check with a healthcare professional before adding a new ingredient into your routine.