The benefits of argan oil for curly hair are numerous and it is easy to use

My favourite oil at the moment 👌 I first discovered the benefits of argan oil for hair when I was doing research to make my own homemade treatment oil and it has been part of my collection since. 

I use argan oil alongside the other ingredients to make up a heavy oil treatment which I will put all over dry hair the day before I wash it. It doesn’t matter if my hair is a little greasy – that’s part of the treatment. I do make sure it smells nice though 😉

Recently I tried a small amount of the argan oil on its own. I used it as I was gently breaking up/fluffing up my curls once my hair was fully dry.

I was so pleased with the results!

Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan Oil is lighter than many other oils, making it easy to distribute through your hair. It is ‘slippery’ and glides through. 

Even better – it doesn’t have much of a smell. A few drops and you will hardly notice it! I do literally put a few drops in but it still makes a really big difference. 

Argan oil has a range of amazing properties which mean that it is fantastic for curls!

It is made from the kernels found inside the fruit of argan trees which are native to Morocco.

Rich in Vitamin A

Helps production of sebum – hair’s natural oils which keep it moisturised

Rich in Vitamin E

Supports a healthy scalp and hair. Prevents dryness and can reduce frizz while adding shine

Monounsturated Fatty Acids

Lubricate the hair shaft reducing the chance of breakage

Natural UV Protector

Anti-oxidants in the oil protect against free radical damage from the sun


Can help prevent skin conditions which affect the scalp

Argan oil is the selling point of many shampoos and treatments available in the shops but I am going hardcore with the pure oil! I want to avoid the silicones and preservatives which are frequently added to these products.

Read my post on the Curly Girl Method Simplified which avoids the use of silicones.

How to Use Argan Oil

I like to use it on dry hair as the final step in my wash day routine or to spruce up my hair on the days in between. The ends of my hair need a little moisturising pick-me-up on day 2 or 3.

pure argan oil for curly hair

I put 2 or 3 drops into my hands and apply to the mid lengths and ends of my hair, scrunching upwards.

If I’m washing my hair and putting it straight up (the rare occasions when I’m not trying to make my hair as curly as possible) then I will put the oil through my hair when it is wet. I’ll rake 3 or 4 drops through and then just air dry.

I am trying to find my favourite gel at the moment and I am trying out a few different ones. I know that the argan oil will be the perfect SOTC (scrunch out the crunch) oil when I do finally settle on my favourite.

The oil that I’m using at the moment is available by Naissance. 

This is the pure oil. There are variations on this which contain argan oil mixed with other ingredients. This product is an example, it does contain silicones but my friend swears by it and her hair is amazing. It’s all about personal preference.

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Lauren xx

Please note that it is best to buy oils from a manufacturer that you trust. You should also always do a patch test before using an oil for the first time. Just pop a small amount onto the inside of your elbow and cover with a plaster or bandage. Check the area after 24 hours to check if any irritation has occurred. If so, rinse the area thoroughly and avoid future use.

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