This Is My Easy Homemade Hair Treatment Oil For Curly Hair Using Just 3 Ingredients

One of my geekier pastimes recently has been reading the ingredients of my favourite hair products and trying to recreate them at home. It has led me to create this homemade treatment oil for curls.

investigating the ingredients of hair treatments

It originally started with skincare.

There is a particular need to name names..but it is EXPENSIVE. I was intrigued but ยฃ50 intrigued? No. I decided to have a look at the active ingredients..maybe there was something I could pick up? Bingo! No. 1 active ingredient is Squalane.

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This was a couple of years ago and it was relatively unheard of. I looked it up and realised that you can buy this on its own for ยฃ5! I was straight on it and never looked back.

Why Make Your Own?

A big advantage of this homemade treatment oil for curls (as well as the reduced cost and missing out on the chemicals) is that it has no smell.

It is common to be sensitive to synthetic fragrances in products. This was just a win-win.

I started to run out of one of my preferred hair products. My Macadamia Oil. This softens my hair like nothing else! My hair is really dry and it drinks this stuff up! I honestly can’t live without it. I was running out and started to panic. It is LOCKDOWN and I can’t get it from my usual source so…

A Quick Look At The Ingredients

Ok, so yes..macadamia nut oil. A quick bit of research here..just to check I hadn’t been barking up the wrong tree for years..

Yes, it is in fact brilliant for your hair

  • adds natural protein
  • contains antioxidants including squalene (sound familiar? Squalane is derived from Squalene!) Treat your hair like you treat your skin ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • rich in fatty acids and potassium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals


Next.. I can see argan oil on the list. I didn’t even know that was there!

Why Add Argan Oil?

Argan oil can be bought separately, so what was it doing in my Macadamia Oil? Turns out that it is classed as a carrier oil, acting as a lubricant and making it easier to apply the heavier macadamia oil. It also has its own benefits

  • hydrates and softens
  • antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamin E
  • natural UV protector
  • increases elasticity

So I’ll let it off ๐Ÿ˜‰

I didn’t recognise anything else… I researched a few and we are looking at preservatives and I was shocked to find a silicone lurking in the mix!

Now I’m more determined than ever to see this through! For now I’m just going to stick with these 2 ingredients. I know that there are lots of oils with amazing hair benefits but I thought I would start small and I can always add to it.

homemade hair treatment in amber bottle

These two ingredients alone have the following properties:

  • protein
  • UV protection
  • vitamins, minerals
  • softens hair, hydrates and improves elasticity

A good start I reckon.

One thing though..the smell is ok but not the best! My original macadamia nut oil smells amazing! It has fragrance added to it.. I was trying to think of one of my favourite natural smells and it is frankincense.

A quick bit of research and turns out this is great for hair too! Onto a winner here.

  • promotes a healthy scalp
  • contains vitamin E

I decided that it was definitely going in the mix.

The Mix:

  • 50ml argan oil
  • 25ml macadamia nut oil
  • 5 drops of frankincense
macadamia nut oil argan oil frankincense oil hair treatment

I like to make up a small bottle, but use whatever quantities are useful to you. The 2/3 argan to 1/3 macadamia ratio is a good one to stick with because the macadamia nut oil is heavier.

Frankincense oil is very potent so use with care!

Unlike a lot of homemade treatments it doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge.

However, sunlight is not its friend, so it is best to use a dark brown amber bottle for storage if possible. Keep it dark and cool.

How To Use The Oil

The ingredients in this treatment mean that it is heavy.

My hair is always thirsty so I can pop a bit through the ends to freshen up my hair or as I’m fluffing it/SOTC.

Moisturising curls is essential for keeping them healthy. Curly hair can be dry be nature and regular treatments will keep it in good condition.

Read my post on the 5 best things you can do to keep curls in great condition

Hope you enjoy this oil as much as I do!

These are the 3 ingredients that I have used:

Please note that it is best to buy oils from a manufacturer that you trust. You should also always do a patch test before using an oil for the first time. Just pop a small amount onto the inside of your elbow and cover with a plaster or bandage. Check the area after 24 hours to check if any irritation has occurred. If so, rinse the area thoroughly and avoid future use.

Lauren xx

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