I want to share some of my favourite curl products. For me, products were the most important factor in my curl journey.

The difference is that dramatic.

My Favourite Curl Products – The Full Line-Up!

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Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Scrunching Jelly

My number one. If I had to keep just one curl product.. This was the first gel I tried and it is still my favourite. It leaves no residue and makes my curls feel soft, bouncy and defined. Apply it to soaking wet hair and scrunch those curl clumps. Diffuse or air dry until 100% dry and then scrunch out that gel cast

💕 vegan 💕silicone free 💕no drying alcohols 💕pthtalate free 💕CGM approved

Umberto Giannini Curl Whip Curl Activating Mousse (UK only)

A gorgeous mousse. I find it has a lighter hold than the gel but leaves my hair feeling completely product-free which I absolutely love. Perfect for finer curls. Layer it with gel for amazing hold and definition. I use mousse first on soaking wet hair, then re-wet hair with water spray and add a layer of gel. The ultimate curl-holding experience

💕 vegan 💕silicone free 💕no drying alcohols 💕phthalate free 💕CGM approved

Noughty Wave Hello Curl Defining Cream

Yes! I used this product on its own for months. Beautiful. I achieved a softer curl with this cream. My second – day curls from using this product are probably still my favourite!

💕97% natural 💕silicone free 💕paraben free 💕petrochemical free 💕vegan and cruelty free 💕CGM approved

Curlsmith Hold Me Softly Style Balm

Another styling cream! This is such a wonderful product that I had to include it. It’s light and gives gentle hold while moisturising your hair. If I’m using this I will skip leave-in conditioner. It also smells incredible!

It’s pricey but they make a small 59ml tube as a trial/travel size so you can try it out! There’s actually quite a bit in here as you don’t need much. I had the small tube on the go for a few weeks.

💕silicone free 💕vegan 💕CGM approved 💕cruelty free 💕ethically sourced 💕paraben free 💕mineral oil free 💕phthalate free

Noughty Wave Hello Curl Defining Shampoo

While I was busy falling in love with Noughty’s curl cream I thought I might as well try their shampoo and conditioner range as well. I’m so glad I did! The shampoo and conditioner really do help to define curls. The shampoo won’t lather up as much as other shampoos but it really works. I use the matching Wave Hello conditioner as my Squish to Condish leave in conditioner too!

💕sulphate free 💕97% natural 💕silicone free 💕paraben free 💕petrochemical free 💕vegan and cruelty free 💕CGM approved

Noughty Detox Dynamo Clarifying Shampoo

I found that I was wanting to clarify my hair every now and then and this product is perfect. It lathers up, smells pepperminty and cleans whilest providing a blank canvas for your other products. I use this and then go straight to the conditioner

💕sulphate free 💕97% natural 💕silicone free 💕paraben free 💕petrochemical free 💕vegan and cruelty free 💕CGM approved

Noughty To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment

I use this as my deep conditioning mask once every one to two weeks. I also use it as my normal conditioner every now and then if I want a quick moisture boost. It’s thick and creamy and it also smells amazing. Made with shea butter and coconut oil.

💕97% natural 💕vegan 💕no silicones 💕no silicones 💕CGM approved

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector

Where to start?! I don’t know anyone who has tried Olaplex and doesn’t love it. It restructures the bonds in your hair which are broken by damaging processes such as colour. As someone who regularly colours their hair I wouldn’t be without it!

💕silicone free 💕PH balanced 💕vegan and cruelty free 💕sulphate free 💕paraben free 💕phthalate free 💕CGM approved

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil

All the benefits of the Olaplex active ingredient in a styling product. This one has the added benefit of heat protection. I like to mix a few drops into the Noughty Wave Hello Curl Defining Cream before I apply it. It works wonders if you are going full-naughty and blow drying 😉

💕PH balanced 💕vegan and cruelty free 💕sulphate free 💕paraben free 💕phthalate free 💕heat protection

Bumble and Bumble Curl Reactivator (Formerly known as Pre-Style Re-Style Spray)

I have used this for years. It is one of my favourite curl products. Yes, it contains silicones but I can’t help loving it. It is the best refresh spray I have found for wet or dry hair. Sometimes I will use it as a primer spray before layering on more products

💕cruelty free 💕UV filters

Naissance Moroccan Argan Oil

This oil is so versatile. I reach for argan oil all the time. I use it as a pre-shampoo treatment, on my ends when they feel a little dry and a few drops to scrunch out the crunch when I’ve used a curl gel. It is light but moisturising and doesn’t have a fragrance

💕100% natural 💕CGM approved 💕anti-inflammatory 💕rich in vitamins

I hope you enjoy using these products as much as I do! I will continue to update this list as I find more favourites 😘

Lauren xx

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