What is a curly hair type?

Which type of curly hair do you have?

How to treat your curls to keep them looking their best

We have all asked ‘what type of curly hair do I have?’ We know there are different kinds but also that our curls seem to be unique to us.

A quick glance at a friend with curls will tell us that every one of us has a slightly different pattern, hair texture and level of moisture. 

How are we ever going to find products that work for each of us?!

All we have to do is work out a method of tailoring what we need to suit our hair. It sounds easy and it is..

Which curl type do you have?

Broadly speaking, there are 3 types of curl (there are actually 4 but Type 1 is straight hair so we’ll start at Type 2)

Each of these is further broken down into 3 subsections..a, b or c depending on how tight the curl pattern is and hair thickness.

Curl Type 2 Wavy Hair
Curl Type 3 Curly Hair
Curl Type 4 Coils

It is common to have more than one! One curl pattern underneath and a second on top. I have 2 (3A underneath and 2C on the top). 

Why do these numbers and letters matter?

It will help you to figure out which products to use. We have all wasted time and money on products which did nothing but were hailed as ‘the best thing ever’ by someone else.

I confess I’m guilty!

A few years ago I thought I had the same hair type as a friend and highly recommended an oil to her. For me, this oil was and still is the wonder product for my hair. It reduces frizz and makes my hair feel amazing. When she told me that it just sat on top of her curls and made her hair greasy I was stunned! It soaks straight into mine. I felt awful…she had to wash it twice in one day.. (psst..this is the oil..)

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Turns out our hair isn’t as similar as I thought!

There is now a huge amount of choice across the curly hair product market and this is amazing! I can remember a time when the only thing that seemed to be available was gel. Nothing wrong with gel when used correctly but we want more! Trouble is, now we have decisions to make..

Which Curly Hair Product?

How to treat your curls to keep them looking their best 

As a rough guide, bigger, stronger curls will need heavier products and finer curls/waves will need lighter products so that they aren’t weighed down.

We all put a lot of thought into our skincare (is it dry, oily, spot-prone?) and we are just applying the same thought to our hair. Major make up and beauty lines are increasingly bringing our larger and larger ranges to suit every possible skin need and foundations and moisturisers to create the perfect combination for you. This ‘cocktailing’ is key and I’m going to share with you how to use to use this principle on your hair too.

There are 4 main types of hair care products:

Deep Conditioners – this is at the top because it is a must for all curly hair types! At least once every 2 weeks (I would say once a week but we are all busy 😉 )

Serum – for lighter curls or waves to add moisture

Leave-in Conditioners –  usually a spray or cream, best for adding moisture. They range from light sprays to heavier creams for drier hair

Oil – for heavier, thicker curly hair or waves to add moisture

Then there are 4 main types of curl styling products:

Spray – light hold for fine curls, looser curl patterns and and waves (although a primer spray is also great for prepping hair to ensure that heavier products work)

Mousse – lightweight hold for finer hair – good for definition

Creme/Lotion – medium hold and flexible

Gel – strong hold, best for tighter curl patterns


Mixing products together to achieve the perfect curl product cocktail for your hair. These are a guide to the best kinds of products for each hair type:

Best Products For Curl Type 2
Best Products For Curl Type 3
Best Products For Curl Type 4

I like to mix together a heavier oil followed by primer spray and finally a mousse!

Once you know what kind of curly hair you have it is worth investing time (and sometimes money) to find products which work for you. Once you have a routine that you love it’ll be your best friend for a LONG time!

Lauren xx

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what type of curly hair do i have?
what curly hair type do i have?
which curl type do i have?
which curly hair type do i have?
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