The origins of the Curly Girl Method lie with hairstylist Lorraine Massey. It was developed as a way to help women with curly hair learn how to take care of their curls.

She realized that most women were using harsh products and techniques that were damaging their curls.

Lorraine Massey wanted to create a guide that would help women achieve healthy, beautiful curls without having to resort to harsh chemicals. The Curly Girl Method has since become hugely popular!

What is The Curly Girl Method?

The Curly Girl Method is a set of guidelines that tell you how to care for your hair if you have naturally curly or wavy hair. The method is explained fully in Lorriane’s book Curly Girl: The Handbook.

In the book, she outlines a method of hair care that changed the way she thought about her own curls.

Curly Girl: The Handbook

This method involves using only sulfate-free and silicone-free products, as well as avoiding heat styling and harsh chemicals.

What sets the Curly Girl Method apart from other curly hair care methods is its emphasis on using natural ingredients. It also encourages women to avoid straightening their hair.

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What Are The Origins Of The Curly Girl Method?

The Curly Girl Method was a reaction to the damaging effects of harsh chemicals and heat styling on curly hair. It is based on the premise that curly hair is best managed when it is kept hydrated and free from harmful products and treatments.

curly girl method was a reaction to traditional hair styling

Who is Lorraine Massey?

Lorraine Massey is a hairdresser and has been a curl expert for over 30 years. She was the owner of Devachan Salon in New York City.

Lorraine’s curl journey began when she was young. She recalls being teased for her curly hair and feeling like she had to straighten it to fit in. She even tried to chemically straighten her hair in high school, but that only led to more damage. It wasn’t until Lorraine was in her 20s that she finally embraced her curls.

She realized that there were other women like her who also had curly hair and were struggling to care for it and were hesitant to wear it curly. 

Interested in trying the curly girl method?

If you’re interested in trying the Curly Girl Method, there are a few key things to do.

First, start by switching to products that are free from sulphates, silicones, and other harsh chemicals.

Next, cut back on heat styling and give your hair a break from hot tools. Finally, learn how to style your hair using techniques that will enhance your natural curl pattern.

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