Use a t-shirt to dry

I read that you should dry curly hair with a t-shirt quite a while ago and, as attached as I was to my towel turban, I gave it a go.

I really didn’t see what kind of difference it would make..surely my hair would come out the same? No way.

A colleague commented on my hair the very first time I tried it. I thought my hair looked nice but I was surprised that she could see any difference from one use!

Hmm..interesting.. It became a bit of a thing.. whenever I went to the salon with nice hair she would ask me if I had dried my hair in a t-shirt again.

This is now a whole movement, of course. I also know that there are many microfibre towels which are just as soft and gentle on hair as a t-shirt but I’m sticking with mine. I have a grey one that I use just for this purpose and if it ain’t broke..!

Looking into it more I realised why the softer fabrics are better. It makes sense – how could I have dried my hair with a big fluffy towel for so long?!

You don’t want to rough up the hair cuticle with a rough towel. This is bad for curly can cause damage.

My curls form and clump better when I use a t-shirt! Full convert.

I haven’t mentioned silicones.. I know they are a big part of the Curly Girl Method. I’m not full CGM. There are parts that I do follow but I do still have a couple of silicones in my routine. Products that I love and can’t find replacements for.. I don’t find that they build up and so I’m going to keep on at it for the time being!

Potential New Big Rules..

There are a few new things that I’m starting to check for.. I’m getting used to checking ingredients on hair products.

I have started to look at the following:

  • Parabens. These are preservatives used in hair (and cosmetic) products. They are believed to mimic oestrogen and disrupt hormone function in doing so.

Maybe it will soon be the 5 Big Rules..


We can all stick to a list of hard and fast rules but sometimes having one or two to guide us is enough. These are the 3 that work best for me and now that I have those in place I can experiment with everything else!

Lauren xx

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