curly hair rule 2

Use As little heat as possible

This isn’t no heat at all. I’m realistic about this one because I know myself.. I just promise myself that I won’t use UNNECESSARY heat.

This means things like curling tongs for no good reason or blow-drying my hair once a week like I used to! Even thinking about that now shocks me a little bit.

I know heat is bad for hair. I know heat is even worse for curly hair, sorry curly hair rule-makers. I really admire people who don’t use heat at all.

Trouble is that I tried to stop using heat completely and I just couldn’t manage it.

If I’ve washed my hair and I’m leaving for work shortly..I’m going to diffuse it – on a low heat setting.

Not from dripping wet to completely dry but just enough to help the drying process along..forgive me!

diffusing curly hair on a low heat setting

I may even still blow-dry my hair every now and then. This is likely to be about 3 times a year. I enjoy it for a change and I’m ok with it. 

What I won’t do is damage my hair on a regular basis with heat tools like I used to..

1990s – hair dryer

2000s – hair straighteners

2010s – curling wand..until I realised that my hair was actually curly!

I will always use heat protector. This is the second part of the Big Rule

Curly Girl Method approved heat protectors

Aveda Heat Relief Thermal Protector And Conditioning Mist

Living Proof Restore Instant Protection

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