Are you looking for the best method of overnight curl protection?

There are lots of methods and tools that you can use to protect your curls and waves overnight.

There are two main goals with overnight hair protection

  • To prevent frizz and tangles from forming
  • To retain moisture

Nobody wants to wake up with flat, frizzy, dry hair. 

Let’s have a look at some of the options.

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The first is a simple pineapple.

‘Pineappling’ your hair means gently tying a high ponytail towards the front of your head. The ponytail should be fairly loose, so it doesn’t leave an indentation on your hair.

pineapple for curly hair with silk scrunchie

The best tool to use for this is a silk or satin scrunchie. The scrunchie may slip a little overnight, but don’t worry, it will still help protect your hair.

The silk scrunchies I use are by MYK Silk. They are large and beautifully soft. Perfect for a pineapple.

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You are preserving your curls on top of your head rather than letting them roam free on your pillow. They won’t be squashed and are less likely to frizz this way.

It’s that big mass of curls on the top of your head that gives the pineapple its name. 

If you have shorter hair that doesn’t reach up into a ponytail on the top of your head, you can use the ‘multi-pineapple’. This means several small ponytails around your head. Again these will help minimize any frizz from friction caused by moving around.

Silk Pillowcase

Next up, silk pillowcases.

These are beneficial for your hair and skin, too. The texture of silk reduces friction and minimizes overnight frizz.

In addition to this, silk isn’t porous. Unlike cotton, silk won’t absorb moisture from your hair.

You can buy pillowcases that are silk on one side and cotton on the other – this is what I use at home. Less slippery on the bedding, plus they are more budget-friendly. Use my code LAURENSILK15 for a 15% discount on your order.

Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture from your hair and skin while you sleep! A silk pillowcase will help keep your hair moisturised.

silk pillowcase to protect curly hair at night


Another option is to wear a silk or satin bonnet.

These look a bit like a shower cap, but they are so much nicer!

Bonnets are comfortable and work well as overnight curl protection. They still give your hair the freedom to move around, but the silk protects your hair from friction and moisture loss.

Me in my favourite silk bonnet! It comes in lots of colours and you can use my code LAURENSILK15 for a 15% discount on your order at MYK Silk.


The last option to fully protect your curls overnight is a buff.

These are tubes made out of fabric. They will help with frizz and curl retention because your hair can’t move around, but they may not prevent overnight moisture loss. 

To wear a buff, you pull the tube over your head completely, so it sits around your neck, and then pull it back up over your hair so that your hair sits within the tube to protect it.

buff for curly hair overnight protection

Personal preference?

I have tried all the options!

My preference for overnight curl protection is a bonnet and/or silk pillowcase. These are both comfortable and effective at reducing frizz, keeping curls bouncy and retaining moisture. 

I found that both pineapples and buffs can give that achy roots feeling – the same one you get when you’ve had your hair in a bun for too long.


Does it matter whether the pillowcase/bonnet is silk or satin?

In terms of texture and frizz-reduction, silk and satin are both great choices. 

Silk is more expensive, but it has a few additional benefits. Silk will keep you cooler than synthetic satin because it’s natural and breathable.

In addition, silk is also hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to bacteria which is great for pillowcases, benefitting both your hair and skin.  

What does ‘momme’ mean? 

‘Momme’ is the unit of weight used to measure silk. It refers to the thickness of the fabric. The higher the number, the thicker the silk. 

19 to 22 momme silk is generally considered the most beneficial. Lower numbers may be too fragile, and higher numbers are considered heavy.

What is Mulberry silk?

100% Mulberry silk is produced by silk worms that eat the leaves of the mulberry tree. It is considered the highest quality silk available. Mulberry silk is highly refined and uniform in texture. 

Enjoy moisturised, frizz-free curls in the morning!

Lauren xx

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