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Curly Girl Quiz

Sulphates are most commonly used in hair products as detergents

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The curly girl method advises against using any sulphates in your hair care routine. Where are they commonly found?

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Which of these is a common sulphate to look out for in shampoo?

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Dimethicone and amodimethicone are all examples of what?

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cruelty free rabbit logo

What does this symbol mean on a hair product?

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Which of the following helps protect hair against humidity?

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Moroccan oil is primarily comprised of which beneficial natural oil?

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Shea butter is a natural ingredient found in lots of curly hair products. Which 2 are benefits of this butter?

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Why are some hair products labelled as 'paraben free'?

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cetearyl alcohol in hair products

Cetearyl alcohol is considered to be a 'good alcohol' which won't dry out your hair. Which of the following is a commonly found 'bad alcohol' with drying properties?

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Which of the following could be found in a vegan hair product?

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