5. Try To Avoid Heat, Or Protect Your Hair!

Even the heat from a diffuser can negatively impact your hair.

Particularly if you have finer curls. If you can, avoid heat altogether and let your hair air-dry.

Older hair (the ends of your hair that have been on your head longer) is even more prone to damage. If you have ever coloured and styled your hair, this damage is all still present on the older parts of your hair.

Ok, there isn’t always time to air dry but if we are using a diffuser then a heat-protector is a must! Plenty of leave-in conditioners also have heat-protection in them so this doesn’t necessarily mean an extra product. A great do-it-all product is Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence.

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This is a lightweight daily conditioning spray that adds moisture, protects from environmental pollution AND protects from heat! Win.

Overuse of heat can cause curl to lose its pattern and curliness – we won’t let it happen!

Read my full post on why heat is bad for curls for extra tips, recommendations and what to look out for in heat protectors!

These are just some of the steps we can take to look after the curls that we love so much. I’m off to rinse the oil out of my hair!

Lauren xx

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