4. Dry Your Hair With A T-Shirt

In the last 2 years I have gone from towel to clever microfibre turban towel to t-shirt!

The microfibre towel may absorb water best but the t-shirt transformed my curls.

This is one of the MAIN changes I have made.

My curls formed better following my very first use of a t-shirt. I got so many compliments and since then it has become a bit of a running joke at work. If I’m having a particularly good curl day one of my colleagues will say ‘Lauren, have you put a t-shirt on your head again?’

I use a t-shirt in one of 3 ways:

  1. a full on ‘plop’ -(I’m just going to say it – I wish this was a different word!)
  2. using the t-shirt as a turban with hair tucked into the body and then twisted up and clipped
  3. to gently squeeze the hair to remove water – never actually wrapping the hair. Sometimes I will then put the t-shirt around my shoulders as my curls dry naturally.

I have a special old t-shirt that is now my hair-drying towel. No other purpose. It is fulfilling its destiny 😉

Step 5. Try To Avoid Heat ➡️

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