3. Learn Your Curl Type And How Best to Treat It

Our curls are all different.

Different sizes, patterns, levels of dryness and porosity.

Knowing your curl type will help when choosing products, and in turn help improve the condition of your curly hair. Shampoo, conditioner, leave-in-treatments, styling products..all of these can be tailored to your specific curl type.

Broadly speaking, use heavier products such as oils and gels for thicker hair and lighter products such as serums and sprays for finer hair.

which product is best to improve curl condition?

There is a curl classification which can help with this.

  • Curl Type 2 is waves – loose waves to thicker waves
  • Curl Type 3 is curls – loose curls to spiral and corkscrew
  • Curl Type 4 is coils – tight coils to ‘z’ shaped coils and kinky coils

Read my post on which type of curly hair you have and why it matters

Once you know which curl type you have, it suddenly seems a little easier to navigate the infinite number of curly hair products available!

Step 4. Dry With A T-Shirt ➡️

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