2. Condition, Condition, Condition!

Conditioner is so important for curly hair but it can be most effective when applied to dry hair!

This is a relatively new one for me. This is the application of a deep conditioner to hair BEFORE you wash it. This conditioner could be your usual masque-type conditioner but could equally be an oil.

The idea is to do with saturation. If you apply conditioner/oil to wet hair it will not be able to fully penetrate your hair shaft because it is already fully saturated with water. Hair is porous and will ‘soak up’ any water. This means that hair won’t be able to soak up the products that you are applying.

If you apply your products to dry hair, the conditioner/oil will be able to penetrate the hair first and will do its job!

olive oil on hair as treatment

I apply the oil to dry hair (leave it on for about 30 minutes) and then get in the shower, wet my hair and shampoo and condition my hair as usual.

Quick caveat – if you know that your hair is product-heavy it may be best to apply the mask to wet hair after shampoo like usual. The products can create a barrier that blocks moisture from penetrating your hair.

Tip: The best thing you can do to avoid chlorine damage – besides wearing a swimming cap- is fully wet your hair with water in the shower BEFORE you get into the pool. Hair that is already saturated with shower water prevents pool water from finding a way in.

Step 3. Learn Your Curl Type ➡️

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