Dry shampoo alternatives? Sleeves up, we’re about to do some DIY.

Here’s the scenario: You’ve run out of dry shampoo. Go!

Here are my top 4 ways to reduce root grease using products/tools that you may already have. In my opinion, some of these are even better than dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo alternative no. 1 is face powder

You can use face powder. Loose powder works best (if you have a very high-end make-up powder, I do understand that you might not want to use it on your hair).

What’s my favourite thing about using face powder on my hair? The powder doesn’t have any hold. Now, I know that hold is generally seen as a good thing (and lots of dry shampoos have plenty) but at this point, I’m only looking to absorb oil.

I will admit to having some fancy makeup, but my face powder is as cheap as they come. I’ve used it for years and it’s £2 per pot. This loose, translucent powder works brilliantly dabbed onto my parting, either with a make-up rush or just with my fingers. Dust a little on and then rub it in.

Just be aware of the colour of your make-up when compared to your hair colour.

makeup as an alternative to dry shampoo

Baby powder

Baby powder is one of the other great dry shampoo alternatives and gets top marks as something that you may well have lying around anyway.

Blotting paper

More make-up for hair hacks! I absolutely love individual blotting sheets for my face. These small sheets work amazingly well to absorb oil from my forehead and nose. A quick dab onto my parting can also absorb oil there when it’s time to push on wash day a little bit.

Controversy, here we come…

The last of the dry shampoo alternatives that I’m going to recommend is to brush your hair (pause for horrified reaction). I have done this for years. Use a natural brush that will be kind to your hair (like a boar bristle brush) and gently brush your hair at night before bed. You will distribute the oil from your roots through the rest of your hair and most of this will be absorbed by the morning.

You can easily stretch your wash day using this technique. I bet you’re surprised by how good your hair looks in the morning.

In addition, the ends of your hair will also benefit from the oils that are usually only at the roots of your hair (remember that a lack of oil at the ends is the reason curly hair tends to be dry in the first place).

If you have disturbed your curls or waves by brushing your hair, the next day can always be a hair-up kind of day.

Let me know if you try any of these methods!

Lauren xx

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