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If you’re looking to enhance and fully embrace your wavy hair, you’re in the right place! Whether you are just transitioning to wearing your hair with its natural texture or you’re further into your journey, it’s time to level up your wavy hair game.

I’ve put together a list of 3 key habits that will ensure you achieve your wavy hair goals. I’ve also included wave-enhancing and defining products to help. Let’s get into it!

Love Curly Hair Lauren with wavy hair

Habit no.1 is choosing a shampoo that will best suit your hair’s needs

Hands up if you have dry hair. I feel you. 

I recommend using a shampoo for curly hair that is free from sulphates. These cleansing agents can be too harsh for wavy and curly hair, leaving it dehydrated. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives that will leave your hair clean without drying it out. Boots has a huge selection of shampoos that are specifically designed for hair that has texture. They will help to define and enhance your wave pattern whilst keeping your hair moisturised. 

My latest favourite? John Frieda Frizz-Ease Dream Curls SLS/SLES Sulphate Free for Naturally Wavy and Curly Hair. 

Boots John Frieda Dream Curls Shampoo for my wavy hair

After the first use my hair felt moisturised, clean and bouncy. My last John Frieda product was purchased back when I used to straighten my hair years ago. I’m so pleased to find that I can return to an old favourite to enhance my natural wave pattern and at an affordable price. 

Now that you have a shampoo in the bag, it’s time to move on to the really fun part – the styling. This is what we came for, this is the amazing thing about wearing your hair with its natural texture; there are so many products to experiment with! I want to introduce you to 2 of my favourites. 

Habit no. 2 is to use a curl cream that will moisturise your hair and define the texture

 We don’t want our hair to be weighed down, we want bouncy hair that is still being nourished. This is where a curl cream steps in. 

A lightweight, moisturising cream can do the part of both leave-in conditioner and styling product. Look for ones that contain nourishing ingredients. Across this range of curl creams you’ll come across ingredients like sweet almond oil, coconut oil and rosehip oil.

The Flora & Curl Curl Activating Lotion even contains soy protein! I love this lightweight cream. It defines my waves, leaves my hair feeling extremely soft and strengthens it at the same time. You can also use this cream as a refresh product. I just smooth a little over the areas that have gone frizzy and scrunch it in. 

Boots Flora & Curl Curl Activating Lotion

We could leave it there, with clean, soft, defined waves, but I think we can add one more styling product to fully embrace our wavy hair.

Habit no. 3 is to boost the volume! 

Wavy hair tends to start its movement around the top of the ear, meaning that the roots can appear to sit a little flat. We can give our hair some lift with a second styler. 

Mousse, I’m looking at you.

A mousse will give you flexible definition and lightweight hold. 

Apply your curl cream on wet hair first to lock in moisture, then scrunch in a layer of mousse. You can air dry or diffuse your hair. 

Some mousses will leave a slight cast on your hair once dry. You can just scrunch this away using your hands. You will be left with effortless, bouncy waves that are soft to the touch. 

My own favourite mousse is Umberto Giannini Curl Whip Curl Activating Mousse. I have used this product for years and it really does give my hair that added bounce and lift at the roots. I apply it on wet hair through the lengths and I then go in with a small amount at the roots. 

Boots Umberto Giannini Curl Whip Mousse

Mousses make up part of the styling range at Boots.

I hope you find these tips useful and add these habits into your routine to fully embrace your wavy hair and its natural gorgeousness. 

Effortless, bouncy waves are just a few products away! Check out the full range of curly hair products at 

Speak soon. 

Lauren xx